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Mitsubishi WD390U-EST

Picture Performance
User Friendly

Amazingly Easy to Use Anytime, Anywhere…
Introducing the latest model of ultrashort-throw lens mobile projectors in the Mitsubishi Electric line-up, the WD390U-EST. Boasting bright 3000lm illumination and capable of projecting an 80-inch image at a distance of only 64cm (25inch) from the screen, this revolutionary projector reproduces clear, large-screen images even in the tightest of spaces. Connecting to a cloud computing service using the WD390U-EST as a thin client terminal allows users to log-in to a computer or server from the classroom. This eliminates the need to carry around data and enables simple, no-fuss projection. Used with a tablet incorporating the SidePad function or Wifi Doc, it is possible to expand the breadth of classroom communications even further. Mitsubishi Electric is helping to realize maximum potential by responding to users’ needs.

Reasons for Adopting a Direct-throw Projector
As the name suggests, direct-throw projectors project images directly onto the screen, providing a better sense of focus than models that use mirror projection systems. Additionally, they do not need to be installed and are easy to carry around. Furthermore, a projection distance equivalent to that of mirror projection units has been realized.

Mitsubishi conventional model

[Projection distance of 200cm+(80”+)]



The Definitive Mitsubishi Electric Thin Client Projector
When connected to a LAN, users can log-in to remote computers directly from the projector, retrieve stored images and play them back. Through the introduction of the LAN Display Function and Remote Log-in Function, use as a thin client is possible. As all operations can be performed through the LAN, it is easy to start up another projector at the time of changing classrooms. Faculty members no longer need to return to the staff room to change the log-in on the remote computer. The WD390U-EST itself also functions as a terminal adaptor, enabling connection to a cloud through a computer or server. Applications and data can be used in the cloud infrastructure environment, helping to reduce the amount invested in school equipment. A projector that is truly easy to use, the thin-client compatibility of the WD390U-EST provides enhanced convenience that makes giving presentations much easier.

Remote Log-in Function
Up until now, LAN Display System required that the projector be selected from a computer, so users had to go a computer whenever they wanted to use a projector. The WD390U-EST is equipped with a remote log-in function that enables users to log into a computer from the projector, eliminating the time and effort required to go to the computer to log in.

USB Display/LAN Display
To use the projector to reproduce images from a computer, a VGA cable, USB cable, LAN cable or commercially available wireless dongle can be used. For displaying images via a LAN, up to four computers can be connected to one projector. The projection screen can be divided into quarters, reproducing all computer screens simultaneously.


1) For displaying images via a LAN, network settings are required.

2) Not all USB dongles are compatible.

Remote Desktop
When using the LAN Display function, a USB mouse or USB keyboard can be connected to the projector enabling direct access to a computer utilizing the Internet or other application.

Thin client Multi-user Server
If a server is installed at the school, different images to be projected simultaneously in each classroom.

PC requirement for thin client
Server OS
Windows MultiPoint Server 2011
Windows Server 2008 R2
Client OS
Windows XP Professional
Windows Vista (Ultimate, Business, Enterprise)
Windows 7 (Ultimate, Professional, Enterprise)


Expand Creativity and Learning Fun in the Classroom with Smartphones and Tablet Terminals
Download the free MirrorOp Receiver application and turn iPads, iPhones and Android phones/pads into tablet terminals.

SidePad Function

Used in combination with LAN Display System, the images being projected can be displayed on tablets or smartphones, and the computer can be operated from a tablet. Teachers can remotely access their computer when carrying a tablet with them in the classroom, thereby facilitating even closer communication with students during lessons.

This feature can be used after downloading the MirrorOp Receiver application software (freeware).

The LAN Display System is included with the main unit.

Wifi Doc
Wifi Doc is application software that allows data stored on a tablet or smartphone (txt/pdf/ppt/xls/doc/jpeg files) to be sent directly to a projector and shown. Useful images can be quickly accessed and shared while simultaneously giving presenters the freedom to interact more closely with the audience.

Please download a freeware Wifi Doc application (both freeware and payware are available).

Mirroring of the tablet screen is not supported.

On tablets, it is not possible to edit files or send movies.

Movies and animations are not supported.

Communication fees incurred while downloading applications are to be paid for by the customer.

MirrorOp, MirrorOp Receiver, and WiFi-Doc are registered trademarks, trademarks, or trade names of AWIND Inc.


World Shortest* Focal Distance � 0.375 Throw Ratio/80in
Utilizing a large-diameter lens and optimal optical engine design, the shortest focal distance (throw ratio: 0.375) in the industry has been achieved. Even if the teacher or presenter must move in front of the projected image, they are neither blinded nor disturbed by projector light, enabling them to maintain eye contact with the audience at all times.
* Units not equipped with mirrors
Note: Data researched by Mitsubishi Electric in March 2011.

Mitsubishi conventional model

[Projection distance of 200cm+(80”+)]


3000lm High Luminance
The high 3000lm luminance helps to ensure presentation images are clearly seen without lowering the light in the room.
* Image brightness comparison.



3000:1 High Contrast
Dark chip3 is newly introduced to the DLP® chip line-up. Stray-light processing has been optimized for the optical system, achieving a high contrast of 3000:1. This makes it possible to reproduce sharp, vivid images in which sentences and other characters can be easily read.

3D READY � Enjoy the future today


User Friendly
Ultra Quiet 28dB Operation
Fan noise during projector operation can be distracting during a presentation or videoconference. The WD390U-EST operates at a significantly low noise level of only 28dB (i.e., in “low lamp” mode). As a result, presentations and conferences can be held without distracting projector noise in the background.

Top-loading lamp for easier maintenance

PC-less Presentations/Computer-free Presentations(PtG file/JPEG Viewer)
Using “PtG Converter”, PowerPoint files can be converted into a special format and saved on a USB storage device. When the USB device is connected to the projector, users can replay slideshows or animation effects using only the projector.
Note: The types of slideshows and animation effects that can be replayed are limited.
JPEG files saved on a USB storage device can be projected in slideshow style.
Note: Only compatible with JPEG files.

Digital Zoom

Reduction ratio; 100-70%, Zoom ratio; 1-1.4

The Digital Zoom function utilizes an electrical image-correction process to reduce the image size up to 30% (maximum reduction to 70% of original size). When zooming out, the focal point at the center of the image remains the same while the overall image dimensions are reduced. Clear, vivid images are reproduced even in small rooms where a long projection distance is not possible.


Stand-by Audio/Audio Pass-through
When the projector is in stand-by mode, its 10W speaker can still be used. Additionally, while in stand-by mode, an external speaker can be used by connecting it via the Audio Out terminal.

Excellent Sound Projection (10W Speaker+Audio Mix)

A high-volume, 10W speaker is built-in, eliminating the need for an external speaker. Using the “Audio Mix*” feature and wireless microphone sold separately, the presenter�s voice is reproduced loud and clear in real time.
* Only compatible with stereo mini-jack. Not compatible with RCA jack (L/R) or HDMI.
* 10W speaker and external speaker cannot be used at the same time.


Simultaneous Message Display (Visual PA)
Simultaneous message display is a function included in LAN control operation (ProjectorView global+). Using a control room computer equipped with projector-control software, administrators can simultaneously send messages (up to 390 characters long) in real-time to projectors connected to the LAN. Ideal for broadcasting important information to multiple rooms in the school or building.

Network Connectivity

* The trademark of PJLink is trademark applied for registration or registered trademark in Japan, the United States, and other countries and areas.


6000-hour Long-life Lamp (max. use set to Low mode)
A longer service life for the projection lamp has been achieved by incorporating an optimal design for lamp temperature control. Benefits include substantial reductions in projector operating cost and the labor required for changing the lamp.

Lamp life specification is an estimate based on verification under proper conditions and is not the duration of the warranty. Lamp will shut-off automatically when usage reaches the specified estimated maximum lamp hours. Service life may vary widely depending on usage and operating environment and conditions, as well as users� adherence to the maintenance and cleaning procedures provided in the user manual.

Auto Power Off
If no image signal is output for a predetermined period of time*, power is automatically turned off, realizing energy savings by reducing needless power consumption.
* Time preset by user.

Stand-by Wattage under 0.5W*
Stand-by (low) mode power consumption is less than 0.5W, offering increased energy savings and further contributing to environmental preservation.
* When in stand-by (low) mode. At this time, use of the LAN function, RS-232C output is not possible.

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